Mirror Removal Can Be A Dangerous Thing

August 5, 2011

Mirrors (especially bathroom mirrors) need replaced over time.  They can “lose their silver,” or get mold growing behind them – and sometimes they just break or become out-dated.  When this happens, a major mistake that many people make is attempting to remove an old or damaged mirror on their own.

Mirror removal should be done by a professional – plain and simple.  More often than not, (especially with older mirrors) they will be glued with a special mirror mastic to the drywall or plaster in your home.  Over time, this mastic becomes cement-like and permanently adheres the mirror to the wall.  When someone attempts to remove the mirror, it will usually break off in large (and very dangerous) glass shards.

You’ve all seen the scary movies when the injured victim uses the random broken glass shard as a weapon against their attacker.  Well, there is one thing that is not dramatized in these scenes – the severity of the amount of danger that a broken, pointed piece of glass has.  Mirror removal requires the use of professional glazing tools, vacuum cups, and trained knowledge of how to properly handle glass.

On the same hand, once a mirror is removed you should be prepared to encounter paint and/or drywall damage behind the mirror.  Unless you plan on replacing an existing mirror with a larger one to mask any damage, you should be ready to repair (or at the very least, paint) the wall behind it.

As seen on the right – the wall behind this mirror was moderately damaged after a successful mirror removal.  It is obvious that some work will need to be done to the wall before a new mirror can be installed.  This is a very common scenario.

So if you plan on removing a mirror in the future, please remember two things: consult a professional first, and be prepared for some wall repair!

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