Folding Wall Systems: Euro-Wall


Euro-Wall Fiberglass folding patio doors are custom built for each individual customer and project which enables us to meet even the most challenging architectural applications. Euro-Wall Fiberglass folding patio doors allow for a seamless transition from the comfort of any room to the beauty of the outside environment. Euro-Wall Exterior Fiberglass Bi-Folding Doors are offered in many different panel finishes and color options. 

Why Euro-Wall is Superior

  • Euro-Wall Fiberglass folding patio doors can span 56 feet wide with unlimited panels.
  • Euro-Wall doors open and close with the ease of finger tip operation.
  • Material is warranted for 10 years.
  • Euro-Wall door systems can be configured to allow a single or double active swing  in doors in opposing directions, allowing egress without opening the entire door system.
  • Euro-Wall door systems can be either top track or bottom track load bearing for different structural load requirements.
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